Terms & Conditions

All Payments by the buyer should be made by way of the Online Payment/Account Payee Demand Draft/Local Cheque favouring ‘Alliance Budget Housing Private Limited’.

Apart from the cost of the plot, other government levied charges such registration, Patta, Assessment, GST, or any other applicable levy are charged based on prevailing actuals.

If a trasfer is requested, an additional charge of a Transfer fee of 2% on the agreement value/basic cost is applicable.

Dimensions and details provided on the website, other reference literature are approximate and are subject to alteration without notice due to statutory requirements and if so, the implications will be binding. The exact dimensions shall be as per the agreements to be executed.

Delivery date indicated is subject to the “Force Majeure” clause. No responsibility is accepted for any delay beyond the control of the developer.

In accordance with DTCP allotment of plot number, Ms.Alliance Housing Chennai”  reserves the right to change the plot number assigned to the individual plots.

The buyer is expected to be fully aware of the laws, Notifications, and rules applicable to this proposed integrated project and shall execute the agreement in full concordance of it.

Liability Policy:

This website is governed by Indian Law. Your utilization of this website carries inherent risk on your part. Under no circumstances shall Alliance Budget Housing Private Limited be held accountable for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, that arise from or are associated with your utilization of this website or your inability to do so. This encompasses all types of losses and damages, encompassing but not limited to, general, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, or any other, including loss of data, revenue, or profits. This statement represents a comprehensive limitation of liability applicable to all forms of losses and damages, regardless of their nature, whether direct or indirect.